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Once a month, Great Companions’ current and past students have the opportunity to romp and play with each other at the studio. It’s great fun for the dogs and for their people. Dogs have the chance to socialize and interact while their humans have the chance to mix and mingle over light refreshments while watching their dogs' shenanigans.

By the end of the hour, often before that, your dog will be worn out. Can’t beat that…he’ll go home and crash instead of doing zoomies around your house!

And our dogs get so much more than play from the Great Companions Doggy Socials. It’s critical for our dogs to have this opportunity to remain fluent in dogspeak. Socialization takes place largely before 4 months of age, but that socialization needs to be practiced for a dog to maintain those skills.

Playtime is moderated by our quality instructors to ensure that all play is safe. As in our classes, the instructors share their insights on what our dogs’ body language is during the playtime. Often, what people THINK is aggressive behavior is play, and sometimes what people view as play is not. Having a trainer on hand means it is safer than just letting your dog play with random dogs, as you might do at a dog park.

The price is $10.00 per dog. You don't need an invitation, but you do have to contact Ali in advance to register. Dogs of all sizes are welcomed and can be accommodated. Limited to 12 dogs. Come and join us!


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