People who contact Great Companions for the first time have a lot of questions about our training methods. Click here to see our answers some of the most common of them.
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Our training style takes a non-force approach and serves to strengthen your working relationship with your dog. GREAT COMPANIONS helps you to learn this method and have fun with your dog while teaching him! This involves the use of a tool known as a clicker, as well as food treats, play, toys, praise, body rubs...whatever motivates your dog and makes you happy at the same time! The result of this is the foundation of a lifetime of great companionship.


Traditional dog training methods have typically included the use of positive punishment or negative reinforcement. Perhaps the best known example of this training style is the choke chain. Although the choke chain can be effective when used properly, few people have the precise timing necessary to achieve this benefit.  The result is a dog who develops strong neck muscles and learns to ignore a tight collar. It also creates a dog who works to avoid corrections, not one who works "to get the good stuff."

Preferred Reading List

A list of books for learning more about dogs and training methods. For more informatin about Ali's book "Scaredy Dog!" click here.
We are often questioned as to why we don't do certain things, like say the word, “No”, push a dog into a sit position, or tell a dog, “Off” when he jumps up. We don't shout at our dogs or pull back on their leashes, either. The reason for the avoidance of such behavior is simple, but it's also asking you to change some VERY ingrained habits! All of the above-mentioned behaviors will either teach your dog to do these unwanted behaviors with more frequency, or encourage your dog to pay even LESS attention to you, neither of which we want! The investment of learning alternative, new habits with your dog will pay off richly in the long run.

With non-force methods, your dog will start offering you behaviors he's learned, and will ask for training!
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Non-Force Training Methods

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