Utley is posing for the camer. We'd rather he be focusing on his owner.
Marty has a new dog in puppy
class on its way to becoming
a champion in agility.

Listed below are a number of articles published by Ali and her
associates that just might help you with situations you run into everyday.


 • Puppies! Learn about the most important things to do with your new puppy in the first few months.


 • Find out why our Foundations course is the best place for you to start a lifetime of fun with your dog.


 • Crate and Rotate: How to teach multiple dogs in a household to do multiple things -- all at the same time.

 • Jumping and Pulling: Learn more about a course designed to help with a common canine problem.

 • Take Them Everywhere: Taking your dog almost everywhere you go provides training and socialization opportunities and can prevent problems in the future.

 • How to tell the difference between a positive reinforcement trainer and a trainer who uses harsh training methods -- even before your first meeting

 • A puppy owner's perspective on using a clicker and a no-pull harness to train a puppy.

 • Door Manners -- getting your dog's focus before you open the door to take him for a walk

 • What to watch out for when a trainer tells you, "We can train any dog!"

 • What is a Reactive Dog?

 • Is Rally right for me? What is C-WAGS Rally?

Small dogs love it in Foundations Class
Socialization is an important part of training.
 • Hot weather safety

 • Advice for handling dogs when trick-or-treaters come to call on Halloween

 • It's Halloween, the decorations are sitting on peoples' lawns, and your dog is spooked, What can you do?


 • About spaying and neutering

 • When to use the word, NO!

 • Summer sounds -- help for dealing with fireworks and thunderstorms

 • Teaching your dog to "leave it".

 • Living with Multiple Dogs

 • Cue vs. Command -- the linguistics of Positive Reforcement dog training

 • Cats? Yes, here are some things you always wanted to know about cats



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