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Training and Obedience

Puppy Manners & Socialization

This six-week course is designed for puppies aged 9-16 weeks. It is a wonderful introduction to both puppies and their people into the world of, well, puppies and their people! There are three sections to the course: owner information, early obedience, and puppy socialization. All three are equally important, and we cover all three in each lesson.

Topics include, but are not limited to: teething, biting, chewing, barking, digging, jumping, pulling, housetraining, cratetraining, how to play with, groom, and trim the nails of your puppy, nutrition, exercise, playing with other puppies, and sit, down, leave it, come, and loose leash walking. Average class size is 6 dogs. Puppy Class is not a prerequisite for Foundations. More...


This six-week course provides the dog-person team with information and basic skills necessary to develop a fun working relationship. The focus is on focus! The dog's ability to focus on his person is critical to his ability to learn the basic skills. Skills include: sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, come, leave it, stand, focus, and walking on a loose leash. The search for the best reinforcers for the dog is also a priority.

Class maximum is 5 dogs. Puppy class is not a prerequisite for Foundations. Owners attend without their dogs the first week. Families are welcome (no children under 6 for group classes, please). More...

Advanced Manners

This six-week course takes the information and skills learned in Foundations and applies distractions of all sorts to the dog-person team in order to prepare the dog for the Big World of Distractions. Just as focus is paramount to Foundations, generalization and distraction-proofing are the catch-phrases for ADVANCED MANNERS. This means that we can take all of the skills so beautifully performed in the kitchen and apply them in the park! We also take a look at trick-training as a way to encourage people to problem-solve on their own.

Class maximum is 5 dogs. Foundations is prerequisite to ADVANCED MANNERS. More...


Montana -- the best dog ever!Recall & Retrieve

In this fast paced and fun class, we start with simple recalls back to the owner...and just when you think it's easy, We make it more challenging for the dog! We also take a break from the excitement by exploring different ways to teach your dog to bring stuff back to you. Let's get creative!

Calling All Canines

Calling all Canines is a fun 3-week course to teach your dog a reliable recall outside with distractions. Training your dog to come when called is one of the most important behaviors you can teach your dog. It could even save your dog's life! This class is outside and uses a 20-30 longline, which you must provide. Dress accordingly for all weather.



Have you ever wondered how they train the dogs in movies to do the amazing things they do? We can show you. Teaching tricks is fun, great mental exercise and a great way to use that extra energy. This class is devoted to learning new tricks and teaching games. With a few simple tips, we will show you how to Train Your Dog To Do (Almost) Anything. Come join us and uncover your dogs hidden talent.

This six week course is available to anyone who has taken Foundations or has working knowledge of clicker training/positive reinforcement training.

Jumping & Pulling, OH MY!

This class focuses on the most common sources of frustration for dog owners. In it, we will spend our time working on such issues as Loose Leash Walking, Sitting Politely for Greeting, Door Manners, and more. Prerequsite: Foundations

The Real Heel

Ever wonder what "heel" REALLY means? Have you done your Foundations (basic) class, want to do more, but are not sure what to do? If you think you might be interested in having more focus from your dog when you walk, want to explore the world of competitive obedience or Rally-O, this is the class for you!
Prerequisite: working knowledge of positive reinforcement training. Dog must
at least tolerate the sound of the clicker.

Chill Dogs

We'll be discussing methods like the Protocol for Relaxation to show our dogs how to calm themselves down, as well as touching on Bach Flower Essences, aroma therapy and other alternative approaches to helping our dogs to be calm.
Prerequisite: dog must be able to tolerate being around other dogs and people.

Young Handlers -- Building Teamwork with Your Dog

This 4 week class is for kids age 11-16 years. Is your dog your best buddy? Are you looking for the chance to spend one-on-one time and have fun with your canine pal? In this class you'll learn better communication skills; obedience skills like leash walking and greeting people/other dogs; how to teach tricks; how to help your dog 'relax'. You will have a chance to ask questions and offer suggestions for things YOU want to work on.

Use those great reflexes and timing that you have, in a setting that's just for you and your dog! Come join the fun!

Holiday Manners / Company's Coming

The holidays are a time for guests, celebrations and parties, but if your dog is bolting through the door, jumping on guests and stealing the hor d’ouvres, the fun can quickly turn to stress and result in your dog being relegated to a back room or crate. This class is designed to address the special issues that the holidays and visiting guests present: door bolting, greetings, creating a place cue and a leave-it cue. Please bring a hungry dog, a comfortable mat or towel and plenty of high value treats. No Prerequisites.

Click here for the Class Schedule

Dog Sports & Competition

C-WAGS Courses -- including Obedience and Scent Detective Games

In canine dog sports, there are various venues in which a dog/handler team can compete, such as AKC, UKC, ASDAA etc. Some venues are very restrictive in their criteria for competition while others welcome all breeds and handlers. C-WAGS (Canine Work And GameS) is a relatively new and exciting venue offering several recognizable titling options with novel and interesting variations. The seasoned exhibitor will find a surprising mix of the familiar interspersed with fresh innovative exercises in each sport offered. Those new to dog competitions will find a welcoming environment that is designed to enhance and grow the relationship and bond we all want with our dogs.

The emphasis in C-WAGS is on teamwork, allowing handlers the opportunity to interact with their dogs in a more natural way. Reinforcement may be given at the end of each exercise and teams may compete in multiple levels/classes at the same time. C-WAGS offers the opportunity to make working an enjoyable experience for both the human and the canine.

C-WAGS offers titling events in Rally, Obedience and Scent Detective Games. Click here to view the C-WAGS site.

C-WAGS Rally

C-WAGS is the newest form of Rally. C-WAGS teaches life skills to the dog and human team (heeling, stay, come when called, working around distractions), and puts it in the form of a fun activity. You can just take the classes to learn better handling with your dog in day-to-day situations, or you can work toward trialing and titling your dog. Either way, the goal behind it all is FUN! C-WAGS starts with the dog on-leash and moves up to off-leash work. It also adds some agility and freestyle moves in upper levels. C-WAGS is more varied and fun than other Rally venues. Learn more about Rally at Great Companions.

C-WAGS Scent Detective Games / Nose Work

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. The sports of Scent Detective Games and nosework are designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise. It’s a great way for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy. Learn More.

Agility -- including Control for Agility, Contacts & Weaves, and Puppy Agility

We have it all: tire jumps, teeters, dog walks, chutes, A-frames, tunnels, etc. But our goal is to get your dog to focus on you and take out the stress of competitive agility. So this is a great start for those who want to exercise their dog's bodies and brains and find out what positive motivational training methods for agility are all about.

Prerequisite: Foundations or a private lesson with an instructor to evaluate your dog's ability to work around canine distractions and respond to basic commands. Learn more...


What is Treibball? It is THE new way to play with your dog! Treibball began in Europe as a way to give energetic dogs some much needed mental and physical stimulation.

Treibball is an activity for dogs of all ages and sizes–it promotes better teamwork and communication between a dog and his handler. It's great fun for any energetic dog who works well off-leash and needs a job, or any dog who likes to herd and doesn't have sheep! It's fun for any dog that loves to play chase games, to herd or just use their amazing, problem-solving ability. Treibball builds impulse control while promoting teamwork and communication. Go to the American Treibball Association for more information about this sport.


Rally is the most fun you can have with your dog. It's the activity in which you compete, show off your dog’s ability to heel, recall, sit, down, turn, spin, and negotiate some obstacles and still praise your dog, pet him, celebrate with him, and even treat him! Rather than having a judge directing what you do, you simply are told when to start, and you go do your thing, heeling your dog from one command sign to the next, doing what each sign tells you to do, at your own pace. And everyone around you cheers you on! Sound like fun?? Learn More...

CGC -- Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dogs

This six-week course helps the dog-human team to prepare to take the CGC test, an AKC-sponsored certificate whose purpose is to promote responsible dog ownership. Each subtest is practiced individually and with the group in order to shape the skills necessary to go anywhere as a team! Foundations is a prerequisite for CANINE GOOD CITIZEN.

In addition to the Canine Good Citizen exercises, we practice skills which prepare student teams to be evaluated to be a therapy dog team. Exercises such as mingling with medical equipment (wheelchair, walker, crutches, cane), greeting people with medical issues that could be frightening to a dog (shaky hands, coughing, loud talking), a good solid ‘leave it’ for an object on the ground, reaction to young children, and standing still next to a chair to be petted or sitting quietly on a lap are taught.

GREAT COMPANIONS recommends the therapy dog group PLEASURE OF YOUR COMPANY for a local therapy dog group. www.poycdogs.org


Reactive Class

This is an ongoing, rather unconventional class, designed for dogs who find things in their lives SCARY (other dogs, people, noises, etc). Class is usually held outside in all weather, but often moves indoors in winter. Class maximum is 6 dogs. Prerequisite: minimum of 3 private consultations with the trainer. Daytime Reactive Class is currently available! Learn More!


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