Advanced Manners

Course Description

The objective for ADVANCED MANNERS is to provide further structure, motivation, and new skills for the human-canine team who enjoy working together and wish to continue to enhance their communications. It also serves as a stepping stone for entry into the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) preparedness coursework or entry into the world of competitive obedience.

Week 1: Review of skills from FOUNDATIONS (sit, down, stand, stay, come, leave it, take it, let's go, and focus), using verbal and hand signals with the occasional use of food lures. Troubleshooting of behavioral problems is also covered.

Week 2: Increasing the duration of the focus command; building distractions; fading the frequency of treat usage; exploring the impact of the owner's emotions while working with the dog.

Week 3: Building duration of sit-stays and down-stays; building distance for sit-stays and down-stays; beginning to fade the hand signal for sit, down and stand positions; further work around leave it and focus.

Week 4: Straight sits on loose-leash, beginning to use the word "heel"; working toward one-minute sit-stays and three-minute down-stays; tricks!

Week 5: Hide-and-seek; using the command "wait"; figure 8's; power plays; free-shaping.

Week 6: Putting everything together toward a reliable obedience routine; tricks and games; graduation!!

We're not quite ready for this about taking a course in FOUNDATIONS?

Bring a 6-foot leash (preferably leather), a buckle collar, semi-soft treats (the size of your pinky finger), a mat, a toy for the dog, and poopie-bag.


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