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Rabies Challenge Fund -- for info on thyroid testing via Dr. Jean Dodds, and how you can contribute to the research on long-term rabies vaccines ("The Seven Year Rabies Challenge"). It's For The Animals is the original Dr. Jean Dodds site.

e-Production -- web master for this site. Services include photography, video, audio, publishing and business PowerPoint presentations. - a site with lots of information to help in living and working with fearful dogs - Here is an mp3 audio program for the Protocol for Relaxation that might be easier for a lot of folks...easier than reading a piece of paper! The document itself is here as well


How Many Dogs - living with multiple dogs? This websites has the key to making your home happy for everyone.

Your Manerly Mutt - APDT positive reforcement based dog training in the Delaware County/Montgomery County Pennsylvania area.

Lupine Collars & Leads -- for really cool collars and leashes (with a chew guarantee!)

Dogwise -- For the best in doggy reading, including Ali's books, "Focus, Not Fear" and "Scaredy Dog! Understanding and Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog", and "How Many Dogs?! Managing a Multiple Dog Household Using Positive Motivational Training", by Debby McMullen.

Y2K9's -- a Dog Sports Club in the Philadelphia area where Ali's been a teacher and a student. -- where Smart Dogs Do Their Business, for great doggy products.

Raritan Belgian Sheepdog Club -- the RBSC includes Belgian Sheepdog breeders, exhibitors, and owners from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm -- sheep, dogs, herding, bed & breakfast

Holistic Hounds -- a natural foods company who's main area of research and interest is canine nutrition and the obvious link between diet and disease. -- Karen Prior's clicker training site, for those who 'got the clicker bug'!

Macungie Animal Hospital -- providing pets with quality affordable medical & surgical healthcare.

American Kennel Club -- an association who's mission includes sanctioning "dog events that promote interest in, and sustain the process of, breeding for type and function of purebred dogs."

BolleArt -- wearable pet art

RKanderson.html -- A veterinarian's view on puppy socialization

Spoiledbratzwear -- functional FABULOUS petwear for your furry fashionista with unique fabrics and fun prints

Acacia in the snow Acacia in the snow

Click on the image above for a larger photo of Acacia with the snowy head.

Good Old Montana -- Smiling on a warm February day. Good Old Montana -- Smiling on a warm February Day.

Click on the image above for a larger photo of the smiley Montana.

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