Reactive dog behavioral issues are at the core of most of the work I do with dogs and their people; it's my specialty. I've been helping reactive dogs for the past ten years, since my now twelve-year-old Belgian Sheepdog started having serious behavior problems, and I realized I had to figure out what was going on and "fix" it.

I now know that reactivity isn't fixable, but it sure is workable! In these past ten years, I have learned to use my Masters of Education degree knowledge base of classical and operant conditioning to change not just the behavior, but also the underlying emotional response of a dog to scary stimuli. (Learn more about Ali Brown)

This is not an issue I take lightly; people come to me in a desperate state. Living with a reactive dog can really suck the life out of you. It's frustrating, embarrassing, and often miserable. Only now are some vets and other animal professionals starting to understand what reactivity is, but still, these dogs are often labeled as "aggressive." Many trainers have no idea what to do to help a reactive dog and its owner.

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Scaredy Dog! Revised Edition
Understanding & Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog

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This is where I come in. If you're nearby, I have a great facility where you can come and work with me. We'll start with private lessons, wherein we work on helping your dog to be the healthiest he can be (emotions, immune system, nutrition, exercise, environment) and learning how to manage his behavior while we teach new skills to help both you and him to cope with the world around him. Once we have this part under control, you may become involved in one of my well-established Reactive Dog Classes, where you become a part of a close-knit group of folks. These groups practice working on specific situations for their dogs on a weekly basis, with the goal of being able to deal with real life situations more effectively. The sky is the limit when it comes to these classes!

Alternatively, you may wish to continue with private lessons, or perhaps you and your dog will have made enough progress to be able to join a regular group class.

If you're not close enough to take advantage of this awesome program (and even if you are, you will need to do this part!), read Scaredy Dog! Understanding and Rehabilitating your Reactive Dog. This book is designed to be a quick read, and serves as a guide for the work ahead of you. Many students read the book several times and use it as a reference guide.

If you prefer a visual mode of learning, or if you wish to immerse yourself in learning, watch the "Scaredy Dog!" DVD. This is a video production of a "Scaredy Dog!" seminar, and gives visual examples of some of the exercises which have been helpful to so many students.

When these resources aren't enough, you can read, Focus Not Fear, which is simultaneously a guide for trainers who wish to run reactive dog classes, and for dog owners who don't have a knowledgeable trainer close to them and need more guidance on how to work with their dog in real life situations.


To learn more about Reactive Dogs, read Ali's book, "Scaredy Dog! Understanding & Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog." Click here to go to the "Scaredy Dog!" page. Or click here to email Ali about seminars, lessons or classes.

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