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Focus, Not Fear illustrates the work that Ali Brown does in her reactive dog group classes at Great Companions. It outlines specific training techniques and the reasoning behind them. You’ll get a glimpse inside the real lives of reactive dogs – their growth, successes and failures. The book includes an endless array of activities the group creates to address their dogs’ reactive challenges. It serves as a guide both for trainers who wish to run classes for their clients with reactive dogs and for owners of reactive dogs who must formulate a training plan on their own.

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“Ali Brown, solidly in the camp of positive trainers who use techniques based in the science of behavior and learning, presents a comprehensive description of her experiences with her canine clients and their humans during an ongoing reactive dog class. This detailed narration, which covers a six-month period, offers useful and interesting observations and information for anyone interested in learning more about reactive dogs and how to work with them.”
Pat Miller

Author, The Power of Positive Dog Training and Positive Perspectives. Training Editor, Whole Dog Journal.
"Focus, Not Fear delivers a detailed and thought provoking look at the journey of a group of students in a reactive dog class. As you read the background and descriptions of each dog and handler team, you will become invested in their progress and celebrate their successes along with them. This book provides not only great tips and structure for trainers interested in creating their own reactive dog class but also good solid advice for owners of reactive dogs. And it makes me jealous that I don't live on a farm!"
Leslie McDevitt MLA CDBC CPDT

Author of Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog

Focus, Not Fear includes chapters that show specific training exercises for use in classroom situations, along with photographs and diagrams illustrating the techniques used. For individuals who don't have a reactive dog class in their locations, there is a chapter explaining how to adapt these techniques to everyday situations. A ten page glossary of terms and concepts will help the reader to understand the technical side of the the techniques used.

There is a biography of each of the dogs and their behavior before the six months of classes described in the book. In the chapter titled, "Where Are They Now," the author describes the progress achieved by each dog.

Focus, Not Fear is 174 pages long, includes 72 full color photographs, illustrations and diagrams, and fully indexed.

Picture of Author, Ali BrownAli Brown’s previous book is titled, Scaredy Dog! Understanding and Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog, and has become a standard reference for the owners of fearful and reactive dogs everywhere. Ali has been running on-going reactive classes since 2002. With a Master’s degree in Education and a specialty in behavioral science, she teaches her students to think along the same lines, with a focus on positive reinforcement.
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Focus, Not Fear

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