Bing looking like a pony

Bing is the latest addition to the Great Companions family. He is the son of Charm, one of Kathleen LaDue's Signature Belgians. Bing's proper name is Signature's Grand Idea, a reference to a book on George Washington (click here to learn more about the book). George is said to have told the truth about cutting down a cherry tree, hence the name Bing. And while Bing may exaggerate loudly at times, he never lies. He's just under five months old in the first two pictures and with those long legs looks a little like a pony.

Bing and Acacia near Muhlenberg Lake, Allentown
So far Bing's socialization has included Ali's non-force positive reinforcement puppy class, visits with all the people and doggies he sees on his dual daily walks, swims in streams and lakes, camping in a tent, visits to Ali's hairdresser, gym, health food store, sheep, etc.

Bing spends his quiet time and sleeping hours in his own personal house (don't tell him it's just a crate.)

Ali wants to let everyone know that he's cute, as if you couldn't tell by the pictures. Unfortunately, Bing still has a bit of a soft spot in heart for his Belgian Sheepdog mom Charm and his litter mates, so he hasn't started referring to Ali as "mommy," he simply hollers "HEY LADY!"
Bing at the back porch
Bing and Montana at Cedar Creek Park
Bing, Ali, Montana and Acacia in the tent
Close up of Ali and Bing in the tent Bing cooling off on the tile floor
Bing pees in stream
Bing in his pool
Bing and big sister Acacia
Attacking the 'Tan Even though they don't play together, Acacia is his best buddy. He emulates her every move, even joins in when Acacia starts play-fighting with Montana.
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