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Alternate instructions for submitting your registration:

Click here if you'd rather use our PDF online REGISTRATION FORM, do not click on the Submit Form button at any time. Please print the form after you fill it out before you do anything else.

• Using Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) version 9, 10, or 11, fill out and save the form to your desktop. Then create an email to and attach "Registration_GreatCompanions_20150713_fillable.pdf" (or other name that you gave the form) from your desktop. Please open the attached form to verify that you saved the data along with the form (usually only a problem with earlier versions of Adobe Reader/Acrobat).

• Note the purple bar that usually appears above the form after it opens. If it says, " can save typed data into this form." then you have the required version of Reader. If it says that you cannot save the completed form, please fill it out, print it, and submit by mail.

• If you find you cannot save the form as a pdf, but can save the form in another format such as Microsoft Word, you may attach the saved file to an email and send it to

• If you still cannot send the form electronically, please contact the Webmaster or call Pete at 610-570-9039.



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