Here are some pictures from construction of our
new pavilion, April 2008. Skip ahead to Page 2 by clicking here.




Elvin arrives at 7:30 AM Wednesday April 16 to level the site and drill the post holes.Concrete Arrives

Erect PostsMonkey Boys
Friday Awaiting Trusses

End of day, Friday April 18th.

Monday Trusses Arrive

Monday, April 21, the trusses arrive.
Placing TrussesFully FramedTuesday SidingPutting on the Ridge VentThe Crew
This 5-man crew erected the building in three days.
From Inside Waiting for Artificial Turf
Friday 0425 Elvin guides the Bobcat

Elvin starts leveling the ground inside the pavilion to prepare for compacted stone and artificial turf.Bing Surfs the Turf
5000 sq ft. of Perfect Turf ready for installation. Weighing 600 lbs each, Elvin used the Bobcat to pull the rolls off the truck.

Final Grading, Perfect Turf in rolls along tree line

Friday, April 25th, Elvin finishes the grading inside and out -- the final step for Conestoga Structure's part of the project.Friday April 25th, End of the Day, ready for Perfect Turf

End of the day, Friday April 25.
Stone Delivery Mud
Mud Inside
After 2 inches of rain Monday, April 28, things go much slower on Tuesday! Can't get the stone delivery truck near the building (note the wheels in mud) and we have to remove some of the wet slop in the back corner of the building. Making Progress
Finally we can begin to compact the stone over the compacted clay. Next we start to lay the artifical grass -- click here...

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