Here is the 2nd installment of pictures from the construction of our
new pavilion, starting May 1, 2008.


Rolling the stone baseCanoe Carpte Trailer

By putting the canoe trailer to good use we manage to move the 600 lb roll of turf with relative ease. My poor canoe is being neglected of course.

Edging Perfect TurfThird Roll In Place

By late morning Thursday May 1, the Perfect Turf has been laid out and getting ready for seaming.

Belgians check out the pavilion turf
Friday morning May 2, with the bricks still in place on the seams whle the glue dries, the Belgians have to try out the pavilion turf. Their desire to play on the new surface is their seal of approval.The fence arrives
The fence arrives from American Fence.

Finished Perfect Turf
Afternoon of Monday May 5th. After adding 6100 lbs of sand to the artificial turf and brushing it into the fibers -- the only jobs I've had the fun of doing by myself -- the turf installation is nearly complete. The back half of the turf along the enclosed portion of the pavilion still has to be screwed into the perimeter boards.

Facing the Pond

Here's the view from the back of the pavilion looking out over the pond. Notice the completed fence around the open section of the pavilion.Pavilion's First Use with Agility Equipment

Finally, some of the equipment has been set in place. Joanne Stock runs Bing through the weave poles as Ali looks on. Look for Ali seated in the back right. Unfortunately, Ali can't do much agility three weeks from her due date.Ali & Acacia do Rally-O

Ali also got to put Acacia through her paces in a Rally-Obedience course. This course was still set up from the previous evening's Rally Run-Thru's. On Friday, May 9, we had six people with eight dogs doing Rally in our new pavilion. With artificial turf and a roof over our heads, an inch and a half of rain didn't stop everyone from having a good time. Of course, that's why this new facility was built.

Gutters Arrive
We contracted with Holencik Roofing to do the gutters. On the day they were supposed to install them, we got a call saying, "We got the wrong materials." After calling them on numerous occasions to ask them when the gutters would be installed we were told that we were being too difficult, so Holencik cancelled the contract on us. (Try explaining that to a 9 month pregnant wife.) The same day Holencik cancelled, we called Conestoga and asked how soon they could do the job, and within 4 days the gutters went up. And even though Conestoga mistakenly brought only a 100' coil of gutter material, a second 100' coil was brought up within 2 hours, and they completed the job by mid afternoon. Thanks Don, Amanda, John and Elmer.

Finished Gutters

Elvin Ices the Cake
Now that almost all the work is done -- we still need to install the bird netting in the ceiling and decorative stones to prevent grass from growing under the fence -- Elvin is back. Here he's mechanically loosening the soil and removing some of the larger rocks after he regraded.
Next this one-man-band raked out all the rocks by hand, spread the grass seed, and finaly, spread straw over the finished product. I helped by shoveling up all the rocks and watering.
Hopefully, in about three weeks, I'll have a picture of grass growing all around the pavilion.
Completed pavilion wide shot

The grass has taken hold around the pavilion. A new "A-Frame" has been added to our list of agility equipment.Pavilion with grass, fihished and passed final inspection

On July 14, our pavilion passed final inspection and is truly ready for dog sports.

Lighting installation

The building wouldn't be complete without high efficiency florescent lighting. Our electricians actuall had to install the fixtures after most of the bird netting was in so that the lighting would be below the netting.

Really--all done

Bing poses with the lights on, and the agility equipment up and even some rally signs. Click here to see pictures of the pavilion in use.


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